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Our Products

  • Drugs and Vaccines
  • Disinfectants
  • Feed ingredients
  • Feed Additives & Premixes
  • Poultry Feeds & Concentrates
  • Equipment & Wares
  • Day old Chicks/Point-of-cage/Point-of-lay/Spent Birds
  • Table Eggs

Our Services

  • After Sales Services

  • Consultancy services

  • Farm Planning/Budgeting

  • Farm Management

  • On-Site Farm Training

  • Procurement

Farm Support Poultry Breeders LTD

Breeder Farm

Our breeder farm produces fertile eggs that are hatched in our hatchery to produce healthy chicks.


Following international standards, we hatch quality well sorted fertile eggs to produce healthy chicks

Quality DOC

We produce healthy day-old chicks. After hatching, chicks are immediately vaccinated and kept in bio-protected room(s).

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Commercial Layer Farm

Quality POC

We raise day-old-chick to point of cage layers and which are available for sales
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Quality POL

We raise healthy point-of-Lay using the best practices for optimal laying performance.

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Table Eggs

Our commercial layer farm produces over 7000 trays of table eggs daily.

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Our Farm

Feeds & Additives

Feed Milling

We produce high-quality poultry feeds in line with international standards. We also produce customized feeds based on farmers requirements.

Drugs & Vaccines

In partnership with world-leading poultry drugs & vaccines producers, we sell a wide range of tested and reliable poultry drugs and vaccines

Consulting Service

We also render Consultancy Services in Farm Planning, Procurement, Construction, Training and Farm Management etc.

Feed Additives & Medicament

We invest and give keen attention to nutrition because we know that the right nutrition will bring sustainable growth and profitability to your poultry ventures. We deliver top-notch nutritional solutions through our feed formulation systems, safe feed ingredients including amino acids, high-quality feed additives, premixes and medicaments from our partners.

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Equipment Supply & Installation

To ease your poultry operations, we are into supply and installation of high-quality poultry equipment such as poultry cages, pullet rearing systems, feed milling systems, feed storage, and transportation systems etc. Our equipment is sourced from the world’s notable brands that stand the test of time.

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Animal Health Products

We are committed to seeing your business grow by making well-informed choices on your flock’s health needs. That is why we go extra mile to secure partnerships with world-renowned producers of animal health products. We also have our team of well-trained and highly dedicated officers who are always on ground to guide you through suitable product selection and administration based on your needs.

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From Our Customers

I have known Farm Support for over a decade now and I have had a good business relationship with them. The last set of birds on my farm is from them and they have been wonderful. The after sales service has been fantastic. If you are a farmer in this clime and your birds are performing well above 80%, you are doing fine. Farm Support has guaranteed this level of performance on my farm.

Prince Segun Onabolu

MD, Seton Farms, Shagamu.

I was saved from a serious embarrassment on a poultry farm where we had an established case of salmonellosis that we could not control with antibiotics. I came across Salmoguard, an additive from Farm Support Services, I used it as prescribed and was able to completely eradicate salmonellosis on the farm through continuous use of the product in the feed.

Dr. Adebanjo

Veterinary Consultant, Bugool Farm, Agbowa

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Galilee Bus Stop, Along Iwo-Ibadan Road, Olodo, Ibadan

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